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USAT Waves by Color

All athletes will rack their bikes by wave color designated by swim caps and by stated gender. All ladies rack to one side and all men rack to the other. You will note that men and women will have the same color of caps, this designates your swim start time. We expect to rack 5 bikes per rack, please help us do that.

  • USAT rules require that all bikes have bar plugs, please make sure your bike has them. A USAT ref. will be checking and our volunteers will help if they can.
  • DO NOT ride your bike in transition, you can run it out but be mindful that there are other athletes entering and exiting at the same time as you.
  • USAT requires that all athletes have a helmet on the bike course, we will try to stop you if we see you leaving transition without one, but it is your responsibility to make sure you have one.
  • The swim in gate is also the run out gate. The Bike out gate is also the bike in gate.
  • There is a team box for changing chips, don't leave the box until the chip is transferred. 
  • A bike tech will be stationed at transition and will help with tech needs, but your bike should be in good working order and ready to race.
  • Please contact the director for any special needs and he will gladly help you to the best of his ability. 

Note to Elite Athletes

There is a rack provided for elite athletes. These athletes will have qualified based on time or current standing.

Link to USAT Transition Rules