Need To Know




  • Please inform your spectators they must respect private property in order for this race to continue. As the race grows, so have incidents of spectators causing property damage and leaving litter. We receive permission from private property owners and the college to hold this event. This course provides ample spectator viewpoints without entering private property. The homes along the river are private property.


  • Parking will be free at North Idaho College parking lots all day Saturday and Sunday. If you or your friends/family plan on leaving before 10:00 AM, please park in the lots at the North end of campus. The bike course uses College Avenue only.   There is no athlete parking in the parking residence hall parking lot. (Please be respectful of these parking rules so the event will be welcomed each year)

Packet Pick-up Information July 21st 2018:

  • Where: Packet Pick-up will be held at the North Idaho Campus on the North End of College Drive. There is a large green space in this location and plenty of parking. Look for the big white tent and all the bike racks, this is our race day transition area and finish line.
  • When: Obviously Packet Pick-up will still be on July 227th 2018, but we will begin pickup at 10AM and finish for the day at 7:00PM. There will be late Packet Pick-up on race morning from 5:30 to 6:45.... show up on time... if you show up late, don't expect everything to magically work out, but we will try.

Race Day Information July 22nd 2018:

  • The finish line will be near transition as will the food and awards ceremony.
  • We are providing food for everyone... Athletes, staff, family, volunteers.... No one should ever through a party and then not have food for their guests!
  • All athletes are automatically in the drawing for prizes during the awards ceremony. (Please note we anonymously pre-draw bib#s before the ceremony). Must be present to win. PLEASE INFORM FRIENDS FAMILY THAT THE CITY OF CDA DOES NOT ALLOW CHALK OR PAINT ON THE ROADS OR TRAILS!

Additional Information:

  • We will be taking professional photos of you during the race. There is a link on the race website to, where you can download them for free. There will be other media shooting video.
  • Volunteers will have Staff t-shirts.
  • There will be 3 port-a-potties at the swim start, the remainder will be located at the main event area.  There will also be a port-a-potty at the turn around for the run, 1.5 miles into the run course.
  • Earbuds/earphones are NOT ALLOWED anytime while racing.
  • Please be aware transition is closed (while race is in progress) from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM.  Everyone must have their transition set up and ready by 7:00 AM regardless of start time. NO ONE may retrieve their bike or transition gear until transition reopens once the last runner leaves.
  • We recommend using a race belt for your bib#. However we will include pins in your race packet. We recommend you use a belt on the bike and run. It is easier than pinning, especially if you change clothes. Your race number must worn and visible during the run and bike. Wear on your back for the bike and turn it to your front for the run. The bike frame number must be attached to your bike. Your wristband number will need to match your bike number when you pick up your bike after the race. Two twist ties are provided to attach the bike frame number. You may attach it to your bike wherever you like.
  • Your timing chip must be on your ankle for accurate timing results. You must cross through all designated timing antennas that will be pointed out at the athletes’ meeting race morning. Do not cross timing area more than once or your results could be inaccurate.
  • If you pick up your timing chip and do not start the race or do not cross the finish line, please return it to the finish line so race officials are aware that you are not on the course. If you pick up your chip on Saturday, then do not come to race on Sunday, you must return the chip by mail. The timing company address is on the timing chip instructions link.
  • As with any race, you are responsible for knowing the course.

Swim Information:

  • There will be a .33 mile walk to the swim start. We encourage you to walk or jog as a warm-up. Do not wait too long to make your way to the swim start and miss your start time. The start will be clearly marked. Water and some port-ta potties will be available there.
  • Athletes will start in waves. Your wave will be posted at packet pickup and at body marking prior to the race and at the swim start. Each wave will have its own swim cap color. You must start in your assigned wave to receive an accurate time.
  • You must wear the swim cap provided in your packet during the swim portion. The swim crew will be watching for the specific colors for your safety.
  • The swim course will be clearly marked with buoys. It is a curved swim course that takes athletes to the right and then runs straight. There will be safety personnel in kayaks, and boats. Lifeguards will be stationed along the course.
  • You will receive final instructions on the swim course at the athlete meeting and again at the swim start. You will also be instructed on how to let the swim crew know if you need help in the water.  You may hang on to a kayak as long as you do not advance the course with the kayak.
  • You may go to shore to rest but cannot advance the course on land. The swim course is edged by a shallow beach the entire time, this can be used needed for safety.
  • The exit from the swim will be marked with large flags and will bring athletes onto a level beach. Please be courteous to other athletes coming out of the water at the same time. The path from the swim exit will be carpeted and should be wide enough for 2 athletes.
  • You can leave pre-race gear in a bag with your bib #number on it at the swim start.(sunglasses, shoes, etc) There will be a flagged path cleared to the swim start at the NIC beach, however, you might want to bring some disposable flip flops for the walk to get to the beach. Your marked bag will be waiting for you near transition after the race.
  • The swim exit involves a run on carpet then asphalt for approx. 30 yards. This will be clean so you will not need shoes at the swim exit.
  • You CAN wear booties or aqua socks on the swim. No fins. No flotation devices, per USAT rules.
  • We have an open wave that starts last. It is a non-competitive wave with no USAT points given. If this is the wave for you, please contact the director.

Bike and Transition:

  • The transition area is GRASS. Please bring a large towel or mat for your transition gear.
  • You must adhere to the designated mounting and dismounting areas in and out of transition.
  • Bike racks will be designated by gender and bib# ranges. Make sure your bike is in good working order. There will be tech support in the transition to assists with minor bike issues and will be available to pick you up on the bike course if you can’t continue.
  • No drafting on the bike segment. We understand the course is small and there are a lot of athletes on course. It may difficult to stay back from other cyclists the entire time, however a marshal will be on the course and may give penalties to flagrant violations. See USAT rules link for more information.
  • Stay to the far right of the course unless you are passing the cyclist in front of you. This allows room for other cyclists to pass you safely on the left. Do not try pass at the turnarounds.
  • This is a 1-lap course with tight turns, be aware of cyclists around you. Be predictable to cyclists behind you. Check for cyclists around and behind you before turning sharply or crossing the lane. ALWAYS remain vigilant to car traffic. Even with a closed course, vehicles sometimes will cross onto the course, either by mistake or on purpose. THIS IS AN OPEN COURSE WITH SOME AUTO TRAFFIC. Your lane will be closed but vehicles will be moving in the lane next to you most of the time. However, out on CDA Lake Drive autos and bikes will share the same road, be careful.
  • Portions of the course flow against the normal use of the road, but will be well marked.
  • You must wear your bike helmet with the chin strap closed at all times while on your bike
  • Athletes will show their wristband to claim gear from transition area. You will have to retrieve your own bike and transition gear for the security of other’s property.

 Run Information:

  • The run will be a straight out and back with one turnaround. You must reach the turn around checkpoint to be eligible for awards. A timing mat will register all athletes.
  • Because of the out and back feature, be sure to stay on your designated side of the trail.
  • The aid station is approx. 1 1/2 miles into the run at the turnaround. They will have water. There are also port-a-potties and energy gels.
  • The course will direct athletes back to a finish near transition. This section is spectator friendly to the finish.

Finish line Information:

  • Only athletes may enter the finish line chute for safety reasons.
  • Your timing chip will be removed by a volunteer after you cross the finish.
  • Oranges, bananas, muffins, and water will be at the finish line area for athletes only.

Award Ceremony and Results:

  • Results will be posted after approx. 25% of the field has finished and will continue to be posted until the last person finishes. The Results Board will be in the finish area.
  • The awards ceremony will begin at approx. 10:00 AM or when most of the field is finished. Medals will go to the top 3 male and female finishers in each category except teams. The top 3 teams will receive medals in each team category.
  • Bib numbers will be drawn throughout the awards ceremony for nice prizes. You must be present to claim.

Special gratitude and thanks to the following for making this event a reality:

  • North Idaho College NIC
  • North Idaho Maritime
  • City of Coeur d’Alene Parks Department
  • City of Coeur d’Alene Police Department
  • Cathy Lewis, Deputy City Clerk
  • Coeur d’Alene Streets Department
  • City of Coeur d’Alene
  • Coeur d’Alene Chamber of Commerce
  • Centennial Trail Foundation
  • Ivanka Kuran, our swim coordinator
  • Kootenai County Sheriff-Marine Division
  • Coeur d Alene Fire Department
  • Newton Running
All the awesome volunteers who showed up in the wee hours of the morning and who went above and beyond. All those behind the scenes, and unnamed, THANK YOU