Race Rules

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SPECTATOR NOTICE: Please inform your spec­ta­tors they must respect pri­vate prop­erty in order for this race to con­tinue. As the race grows, so have inci­dents of spec­ta­tors caus­ing prop­erty dam­age and leav­ing lit­ter. We receive per­mis­sion from pri­vate prop­erty own­ers to hold this event. This course pro­vides ample spec­ta­tor view­points with­out enter­ing pri­vate prop­erty, espe­cially dur­ing the swim. The homes along the river are pri­vate property.


  1. Please park in des­ig­nated areas and be aware of the clo­sure of the event park­ing lot between 7AM10AM. This will be strictly enforced to insure the safety of ath­letes still on the course. If you or your friends/family plan on leav­ing before 10:00 AM, please park in the other event park­ing areas: the park­ing lots of First Amer­i­can Title, IIB Bank, and Oxyfresh Bldg.  There is no ath­lete park­ing in the park­ing lots for Red Robin, Bardeney’s Starbuck’s, Hamp­ton Inn and the­aters. (Please be respect­ful of these park­ing rules so the event will be wel­comed each year)

Race Day Infor­ma­tion July 19th 2015

  1. The fin­ish line will be near tran­si­tion as will the food and awards ceremony.
  2. We are pro­vid­ing food for every­one… Ath­letes, staff, fam­ily, vol­un­teers.… No one should ever through a party and then not have food for their guests!
  3. All ath­letes are auto­mat­i­cally in the draw­ing for prizes dur­ing the awards cer­e­mony. (Please note we anony­mously pre-draw bib#s before the cer­e­mony). Must be present to win. PLEASE INFORM FRIENDS FAMILY THAT THE CITY OF CDA DOES NOT ALLOW CHALK OR PAINT ON THE ROADS OR TRAILS!

Addi­tional Information

  1. We will be tak­ing pro­fes­sional pho­tos of you dur­ing the race. There is a link on the race web­site to facebook.com, where you can down­load them for free. There will be other media shoot­ing video.
  2. Vol­un­teers will have Staff t-shirts.
  3. There will be 3 Honey Buck­ets at the swim start, and the remain­der at the main event area. There are more near the sec­ond turn around on the run that are part of the Cen­ten­nial trail.  This is approx. 2 miles into the race.
  4. Earbuds/earphones are NOT ALLOWED any­time while racing.
  5. Please be aware tran­si­tion is closed (while race is in progress) from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM.  Every­one must have their tran­si­tion set up and ready by 7:00 AM regard­less of start time. NO ONE may retrieve their bike or tran­si­tion gear until tran­si­tion reopens once the last run­ner leaves.
  6. We rec­om­mend using a race belt for your bib#. How­ever we will include pins in your race packet. We rec­om­mend you use a belt on the bike and run. It is eas­ier than pin­ning, espe­cially if you change clothes. Your race num­ber must worn and vis­i­ble dur­ing the run and bike. Wear on your back for the bike and turn it to your front for the run. The bike frame num­ber must be attached to your bike. Your wrist­band num­ber will need to match your bike num­ber when you pick up your bike after the race. Two twist ties are pro­vided to attach the bike frame num­ber. You may attach it to your bike wher­ever you like.
  7. Your tim­ing chip must be on your ankle for accu­rate tim­ing results. You must cross through all des­ig­nated tim­ing anten­nas that will be pointed out at the ath­letes’ meet­ing race morn­ing. Do not cross tim­ing area more than once or your results could be inaccurate.
  8. If you pick up your tim­ing chip and do not start the race or do not cross the fin­ish line, please return it to the fin­ish line so race offi­cials are aware that you are not on the course. If you pick up your chip on Sat­ur­day, then do not come to race on Sun­day, you must return the chip by mail. The tim­ing com­pany address is on the tim­ing chip instruc­tions link.
  9. As with any race, you are respon­si­ble for know­ing the course.

Swim Infor­ma­tion

  1. We no longer have trol­leys to take you to the swim start. We encour­age you to walk or jog as a warm-up. Do not wait too long to make your way to the swim start and miss your start time. The start will be clearly marked. Water and some porta pot­ties will be avail­able there.
  2. Ath­letes will start in waves. Your wave will be posted at packet pickup and at body­mark­ing prior to the race and at the swim start. Each wave will have its own swim cap color. You must start in your assigned wave to receive an accu­rate time.
  3. You must wear the swim cap pro­vided in your packet dur­ing the swim por­tion. The swim crew will be watch­ing for the spe­cific col­ors for your safety.
  4. The swim course will be clearly marked with buoys. It is basi­cally a straight-line swim. There will be safety per­son­nel in kayaks, and boats. Life­guards will be sta­tioned along the course.
  5. You will receive final instruc­tions on the swim course at the ath­lete meet­ing and again at the swim start. You will also be instructed on how to let the swim crew know if you need help in the water. You may go to shore to rest but can­not advance the course on land. You may hang on to a kayak as long as you do not advance the course with the kayak.
  6. The exit is on a ramp with handrails on the side. Please be cour­te­ous to other ath­letes com­ing out of the water at the same time. Use the handrails as the non-slip sur­face can still be a lit­tle slippery.
  7. Use cau­tion on the board­walk as you are leav­ing he water. There are no handrails along the nar­row path. Try to stay sin­gle file or pass with cau­tion along that section.
  8. You can leave pre race gear in the bag with your bib #num­ber on it at the swim start.(sunglasses, shoes, etc) There is a path cleared to the river, how­ever, you might want to bring some dis­posi­ble flip flops to get to the beach. The bag will be wait­ing for you near tran­si­tion after the race.
  9. The swim exit involves a run on the asphalt for approx 150 yards. This will be clean but you may leave some shoes at the swim exit if you pre­fer not to run bare­footed.  Please leave them in the des­ig­nated shoe area at the swim exit (marked with a sign).
  10. You can­not wear booties or aqua socks on the swim. No fins. No flota­tion devices, per USAT rules.

Bike and Transition

  1. The tran­si­tion area is hard packed dirt. Please bring a large towel or mat for your tran­si­tion gear.
  2. You must adhere to the des­ig­nated mount­ing and dis­mount­ing areas in and out of transition.
  3. Bike racks will be des­ig­nated by gen­der and bib# ranges. Make sure your bike is in good work­ing order. There will be tech sup­port in the tran­si­tion to assists with minor bike issues and will be avail­able to pick you up on the bike course if you can’t continue.
  4. No draft­ing on the bike seg­ment. We under­stand the course is small and there are a lot of ath­letes on course. It may dif­fi­cult to stay back from other cyclists the entire time, how­ever a mar­shal will be on the course and may give penal­ties to fla­grant vio­la­tions. See USAT rules link for more information.
  5. Stay to the far right of the course unless you are pass­ing the cyclist in front of you. This allows room for other cyclists to pass you safely on the left. Do not try pass at the turnarounds.
  6. This is a 2-lap course with tight turns, be aware of cyclists around you. Be pre­dictable to cyclists behind you. Check for cyclists around and behind you before turn­ing sharply or cross­ing the lane. ALWAYS remain vig­i­lant to car traf­fic. Even with a closed course, vehi­cles some­times will cross onto the course, either by mis­take or on pur­pose. THIS IS A CLOSED COURSE WITH NO AUTO TRAFFIC. Your lane will be closed but vehi­cles will be mov­ing in the lane next to you.
  7. You must com­plete 2 laps on the bike. You are respon­si­ble to keep track of your own laps, but we will elec­tron­i­cally mon­i­tor you as well.  Tim­ing results will indi­cate if the 2 loops weren’t made, but not until after the race.
  8. Por­tions of the course flow against the nor­mal use of the road, but will be well marked.
  9. You must wear your bike hel­met with the chin strap closed at all times while on your bike
  10. Ath­letes will show their wrist­band to claim gear from tran­si­tion area. You will have to retrieve your own bike and tran­si­tion gear for the secu­rity of other’s property.

 Run Infor­ma­tion

  1. The run has 2 out and back sec­tions with 2 des­ig­nated turn­arounds. You must reach these two check­points to be eli­gi­ble for awards. Spot­ters will check off bib numbers.
  2. Because of the out and back fea­ture, be sure to stay on your des­ig­nated side of the trail some­times this will require you to run on the left side of the trail.
  3. The aid sta­tion is approx. 1 1/2 miles into the run at the 2nd turn­around. They will have water. There are also portta-potties.
  4. The course has you run around River­stone Lake clock­wise with a fin­ish back near tran­si­tion. This sec­tion is spec­ta­tor friendly to the finish.

Fin­ish line Information

  1. Only ath­letes may enter the fin­ish line chute for safety reasons.
  2. Your tim­ing chip will be removed by a vol­un­teer after you cross the finish.
  3. Oranges, bananas, muffins, and water will be at the fin­ish line area.

Award Cer­e­mony and Results

  1. Results will be posted after approx. 25% of the field has fin­ished and will con­tinue to be posted until the last per­son fin­ishes. The Results Board will in the fin­ish area.
  2. The awards cer­e­mony will begin at approx. 10:30 AM or when most of the field is fin­ished. Medals will go to the top 5 male and female fin­ish­ers in each cat­e­gory except teams. The top 3 teams will receive medals in each team category.
  3. Bib num­bers will be drawn through­out the awards cer­e­mony for nice prizes. You must be present to claim.

Spe­cial grat­i­tude and thanks to the fol­low­ing for mak­ing this event a reality:

  • River­stone
  • North Idaho Maritime
  • City of Coeur d’ Alene Parks Department
  • City of Coeur d’Alene Police Department
  • Cathy Lewis, Deputy City Clerk
  • Coeur d’Alene Streets Department
  • City of Coeur d’Alene
  • Coeur d’Alene Cham­ber of Commerce
  • Cen­ten­nial Trail Foundation
  • Bar­de­nay
  • Ivanka Kuran, River City Phys­i­cal Therapy
  • Koote­nai County Sheriff-Marine Division
  • Coeur d Alene Fire Department
  • New­ton Running

All the awe­some vol­un­teers who showed up in the wee hours of the morn­ing and who went above and beyond. All those behind the scenes, and unnamed, THANK YOU